If language can walk he imagines it does so with a limp, because good words are sometimes too heavy.

Spoilers love it here so beware.

If you still want to adopt me, I’m good with it.

#golly #look at her face #she’s just like ‘that’s my /son/’ #and he’s slowly accepting that she’s his mom #my hearts gonna explode



special agent fritz howard in major crimes (3.07) 'two options'

'you'd be like the general; with his own army of special forces.'

1x04 // 3x07

I’m thinking… maybe you and I could partner up.

VS Episode 72

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So who else noticed that the first Fed Washington thought to call out for was Dr. Grey?
Yknow, I think he trusts her. I wouldn’t have expected that given yknow, her working around his implants.

……I think I ship it.


Come on, Carolina,

Let’s run, Carolina.

We’ll leave this place, fly through space

and start a different life.